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NEISD serves up healthy lunches with a little help

Diego Bernal on the lunch lineDavid Diaz, Valerie Rueda and Chyla Whitton on the lunch lineDr. Maika on the lunch lineAubrey Chancellor and Marsha Landry at the lunch lineJustin Oxley, Anthony Mitchell, Susie Lackhorn and Jennifer Gutierrez on the lunch lineColonial Hills cafeteria staff

North East ISD practices and promotes healthy eating habits every day. National School Lunch Week, Oct. 10-14, allows us the chance to highlight the nutritious meals regularly served in our school cafeterias.

This year, Colonial Hills Elementary School welcomed distinguished guest lunch servers on Wednesday, Oct. 12. These people have significant jobs and responsibilities in our District, but took a moment to celebrate the importance of a healthy lunch by donning an apron, hair net and gloves, and helping on the lunch line.

They included members of our NEISD Board of Trustees, Superintendent of Schools, District administrators and Police Chief. The school was also excited to welcome State Representative Diego Bernal to the lunch line.

“When I walked in, it smelled just like when I was in school. What a great memory,” said Bernal. “I’m ready to serve, and I thank the school for having me.”

On the elementary menu at NEISD that day was a choice of Frito pie or pizza. Students loaded up their trays with fruit and vegetables as well, all the while expressing curiosity about the new faces behind the cafeteria line.

The Texas Department of Agriculture's theme for the 2022 National School Lunch Week is "Get your day in gear with a healthy school lunch!" NEISD school lunches are healthier than ever, with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dishes lower in calories, fat and sodium. There is a little something for everyone.

While the demands of work fill many days and nights for our team of leaders, doing events like this reminds them why what they do is so important.

“This is what it is all about,” said Chyla Whitton, Executive Director of Human Resources. Getting to see the kids’ smiling faces recharged her for the rest of her day.

And the regular cafeteria crew at Colonial Hills appreciated the extra hands for the day.

To learn about the great options NEISD School Nutrition Services provides, click here. 

Posted by Kristina Perez
Oct. 12, 2022