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“I am so excited about today but a little nervous.”

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“I am so excited about today but a little nervous.”

Today is Alexis Robles’ first day as a teacher.

Robles standing in her classroom

She’s teaching fourth grade at Castle Hills Elementary School, North East ISD’s year-round magnet school.

“I am looking forward to getting to know them and watching them grow,” said Robles.

Mrs. Robles with her whole class

Teaching right next door to Alexis is Elisabeth Meyers.

This is her eighth year at Castle Hills and she is just as excited about having kids back in her classroom.

Teacher clapping with students

“My favorite part of the first day is seeing all the friends I teach with and the kids being really excited to see each other. It’s a fun time to reconnect,” said Meyers. “I also really love this schedule. You still get a great summer, and then we all come back rested and ready.”

Teacher talking to students

Flexibility is one of the perks that parents, students and teachers enjoy at Castle Hills. The campus’ calendar year is atypical, with an early July start date and extended breaks scheduled throughout the school year.

Students who attend Castle Hills must live within six feeder school areas, live in the Castle Hills attendance zone, or apply for School Choice.


posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 07/20/2022