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Accommodations & ADA

District Policy

North East Independent School District provides equal access and opportunity to job applicants and otherwise qualified persons with disabilities in compliance with Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and ADA Amendments Act(ADAAA) of 2008. The District prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of the application process and the employment relationship as outlined in DAA (LEGAL).

The District conducts an individualized assessment of each accommodation request.  This means, no matter how similar the circumstances, no two cases are identical.

American's with Disability Act (ADA)

For additional information regarding an applicant’s or employee’s rights and responsibilities under the ADA, select one of the following applicable links:


Initiating the Accommodation Process

To initiate a request for an accommodation, an individual will be required to follow the process below. (NOTE: If an employee is on a leave of absence, and the doctor identifies any restrictions, they must initiate the process at least 10 days prior to returning to work)

Step 1: 

Submit your request for accommodation by clicking on the following link:

Accommodation Online Request Form

Step 2:                 

May be required to submit a completed ADA Medical Certification to the ADA Coordinator in the Human Resources Department within 15 days of initiating the request.  Contact the ADA Coordinator via email or telephone with any questions via email at or via phone at 210-407-0135.

ADA Medical Certificate

Processing an Accommodation Request

Upon receipt or referral of an accommodation request for an applicant or an employee, the ADA Coordinator shall begin the interactive process. The interactive process will involve:

  • In applicable cases, verifying that the disability for which the accommodation is requested, is covered under the law.
  •  Engaging in or facilitating discussions with the employee and supervisor (and possibly health care provider) to verify essential job functions and to determine reasonable accommodations.

The ADAAA requires that medical information be kept confidential. However, the law does allow certain persons (i.e. manager(s) or supervisor(s), human resource personnel, first aid and safety personnel, personal investigating compliance with the ADAAA and other persons with a need to know) to be informed of your condition as needed.

Sign Language Interpretive Services for District Employees

The District provides Sign Language interpretive services for employees in need of these services to perform the essential functions of their position. To initiate a request for interpretive services, an employee should submit their request two weeks prior to the date services are needed.   Please be aware, last minute requests with less than 72 hours notice run the risk of not being filled.  Submit your request for services by clicking the following link.

Interpretive Services Online Request Form

Nursing Mothers

The District provides a supportive environment and smooth transition upon return to work to enable brestfeeding employees to express during work hours.  In support of our breastfeeding mothers and their commitment to their children and their job, we are happy to provide time and space for nursing mothers to express.

District Policy
For additional information regarding an employee’s rights and responsibilties in the expression of milk in the workplace, and for helpful tips and additional information regarding the expression of milk, select one of the following applicable links:

Initiating a Request for Nursing Breaks
To initiate a request for time and space to express, please fill out the request in the link below, no less than 10 days prior to returning to work.

If you require nursing breaks at an NEISD facility other than your designated location due to a work-related event (e.g. training), please contact the Leave Management Specialist with as much notice as possible so that the nursing breaks can be coordinated at (210) 407-0497.

Nursing Breaks Online Request Form