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Leave of Absence

District Policy

Per policy DEC (Local), an employee shall submit medical certification of the need for an intermittent or continuous leave if the employee is absent for more than five (5) consecutive days because of a personnel illness or illness in the immediate family.

Process to Request and Return from Leave

The following forms must be completed and submitted attention to the Leave Management Specialist by email at or fax at 210-805-2767 or mail to 8961 Tesoro Drive, Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78217.




Leave of Absence Request

When an employee needs to be out more than 5 consecutive days due to one of the following reasons:

1. The birth of a son or daughter or placement of a son or daughter with the employee for adoption or foster care;

2. To care for a spouse, son, daughter, or parent who has a serious health condition;

3. For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job; or

4. For any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that a spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a military member on covered active duty or call to covered active duty status.

 • For last names beginning with A-L, please contact Michele Matheny at (210) 407-0497.

 • For last names beginning with M-Z, please contact Erica Suarez at (210) 407-0469.

NOTE: A Leave of Absence Request is not needed for Bereavement (Death in Family) Leave

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) expired on December 31, 2020.

The District COVID Leave expired on April 30, 2021.

Medical Certification

Physician’s certification of medical condition within 15 days from the date the request is initiated.

Intermittent FML Tracking Form

Required when employee is approved for intermittent family medical leave (FML).

Work Status

Physician’s statement releasing employee to return to work when on a personal illness or maternity leave of absence; must be submitted at least 5 days prior to return.

Return To Work Request

Employee’s request to return to work from a leave of absence submitted at least 5 days to return date

Advanced Academic Leave Request

Request for up to one year unpaid leave of absence for advanced academic preparation



Helpful Links

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the leave of absence process, please contact the Leave Management Specialist at or 210-407-0497 (FML/TDL/Personal Illness Leave) or 210-407-0469 (District COVID Leave).

Frequently Asked Questions

North East ISD offers a wide variety of leaves that are granted under the Family and Medical Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state regulations and North East policies. The information in this guide provides the answers for more frequently asked questions.

This guide is not to be considered the final answer to questions regarding leaves of absence (LOA). Please contact the Leave Management Specialist at 210-407-0497 or (fax #: 210-805-2767) for questions regarding your specific request for leave.


1.  What is a leave of absence?

The District defines a LOA as an extended absence from work by an employee of more than five (5) consecutive workdays. An employee shall be placed on a LOA whether or not the employee has accumulated sick leave to cover the absence. The type of leave will depend upon the reason for the absence, eligibility and will be determined by the Leave Management Specialist in the Human Resources Department.


2.  Who qualifies for a leave of absence?

Any employee who works half time or more is eligible to apply for a LOA under the District’s leave policies. In order to be eligible to apply for a leave under:



An employee must have worked for the District for at least 12 months and must have worked a minimum of 1,250 hours over the past 12 months, prior to the employee’s leave of absence start date

Temporary Disability Leave (TDL)

An employee must be a full-time employee whose position requires educator certification by the State Board for Educator Certification or by the District

Personal Illness Leave (PI)

An employee may be any paraprofessional, auxiliary, or professional whose position does not require educator certification by the State Board for Education Certification (SBEC) or by the District, or a permanent part-time employee whose position requires educator certification by the SBEC or by the District


3.  What types of leave are available to North East ISD employees?

North East ISD offers its employees a LOA for health or disability, pregnancy, adoption, military, parenting (nurture and care for a newborn), and professional development. The specifics of each type of leave are outlined in the District Policies underDEC(LOCAL) and DEC(LEGAL).


4.  Where do I obtain an application for Leave of Absence?

An employee will need to submit a request for a LOA through Employee Space. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the LOA website under HR Services.


5.  How long can I be on a leave of absence?

The length of time that an employee may be on a LOA is determined by the supporting documentation received.

The maximum length of time for each type of leave is outlined in the District Policies DEC(LOCAL) and DEC(LEGAL).


6.  After returning from a leave of absence, is my return to the same job guaranteed?

The type of leave requested determines the employee’s reinstatement rights. The specifics of each type of leave and the return from leave are outlined in District Policies DEC(LOCAL) and DEC(LEGAL).


7.  What types of leave require medical documentation?

Medical documentation must be provided for any leaves requested for maternity, your own serious health condition or the serious health condition of a family member (spouse, parent or child under the age of 18). The documentation will be in the form of a Medical Certification and should indicate the nature of the illness or injury, the expected prognosis, and the estimated length of time you are expected to be away from the workplace.


8.  How do I know how many earned paid leave days I have?

Log into Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS) to access your leave balances.


9.  Why do I need to request a leave of absence if I cannot return to work and have no accumulated sick leave?

All employees need to request a LOA if they will need to be out for 5 or more consecutive days to protect his/her employment status with the District.


10.  While on leave of absence, must I use all my accumulated leave?

Yes. As outlined in DEC(LOCAL), paid leave runs concurrently with any LOA.


11.  What are my responsibilities as an employee when requesting a Leave of Absence?

  • Provide the appropriate supporting documentation for your request
  • Report your leave of absence for each scheduled workday missed in Smart Find/Kronos
  • Use all earned and available leave during your continuous leave of absence
  • Furnish the Leave Management Specialist with periodic reports of your status and intent to return to work
  • Notify the Leave Management Specialist of any changes in the circumstances of your leave (i.e anticipated begin or return to work date changes)
  • Provide a completed Work Status Form and Return to Work Request Form to the Leave Management Specialist at least 5 days prior to returning to work
  • Obtain clearance from Human Resources prior to returning to work


12.  Will I receive a check while I am on a leave of absence?

All leaves that are granted are non-paid leaves of absences.

However, if an employee has accumulated leave that he/she may use, the employee will receive a check until that leave is exhausted. Once the leave is exhausted, the employee will be in a leave without pay status.

For additional questions regarding your check while on a LOA, please contact Payroll at 210-407-0543.


13.  What happens to my insurance coverage while I am on a leave of absence?

Please contact Employee Benefits for an explanation of your insurance coverage while you are on a LOA.


14.  If I am on worker’s compensation, do I need to apply for a leave of absence?

Yes. All employees absent from duty for 5 or more consecutive workdays shall be placed on a LOA.


15.  What do I do when I am ready to return from my leave of absence?

At least 10 days prior to your anticipated return to work you must notify the Leave Management Specialist to facilitate your return by providing the following paperwork:

Return to Work Request Form

Work Status Form

In the event there are ANY work restrictions indicated on the Work Status Form, the file will be transitioned to the ADA Coordinator who will contact you regarding the next steps of the process. You may not return to work until first cleared through Human Resources.

Upon receipt of the return to work paperwork and the approval of any accommodations (if applicable), an employee will be returned to active status as outlined in DEC(LEGAL).  


16. What do I do if my leave of absence is nearing the end, but I am not ready to return?

You must notify the Leave Management Specialist by providing the completed Work Status Form outlining how much additional time will be needed.