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It is the goal of the North East Independent School District to offer a competitive compensation package to recruit and retain quality personnel, while maintaining internal and external equity.

Work Perks – Why Work in NEISD?

In addition to a competitive compensation plan, as a full-time or part-time employee of NEISD, you will enjoy a total rewards package including the following programs, services and benefits:

Teachers and Librarians

Salaries for new teachers and librarians are based on the salary ranges below (10-month work schedule).  For the 2019-2020 school year, returning eligible teachers and librarians are eligible for a three percent (3%) increase equaling $1,700.

0 Years

5 Years

13 Years

20 Years

25 Years






While the amounts above are not exact, the District ensures salary placement for new hires will be based on verified years of experience according to the Commissioner’s Rules on Creditable Years of Service.

In accordance with House Bill 3, "classroom teachers"* with more than five (5) years of experience will be eligible for the following additional differentiated base pay increase:

  • 6-15 years of creditable experience = $600 annually
  • 16+ years of creditable experience = $1,200 annually

*Per Texas Education Code Section 5.001 (2), a classroom teacher is defined as an "educator who is employed by a school district and who, not less than an average of four hours each day, teaches in an academic instructional setting or a career and technology instructional setting".

The teacher salary ranges are adopted annually by the Board of Trustees.  These ranges should not be used to project salary amounts for subsequent years.

In addition, teachers and librarians may qualify for the following stipends:

Eligibility for Advanced Degree Stipends

Stipend Listing

Bilingual & ESL Stipend Guidelines

For all returning employees:

  • Salaries are frozen at the 2019-2020 rate
  • Maintain current pay ranges

Classified (Paraprofessionals/Auxiliary) New Hire Ranges - 2020-21

Classified Administrative Support

Classified Instructional Support

Classified Operations

Classified Police

Classified Technology Support

Certified (Administrative/Professional) New Hire Ranges - 2020-21

Professional Administrative/Instructional

Professional Exempt Salaried

Professional Police

Professional Technology Support

Alternative Pay - 2020-21


Supplemental Duty

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