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NEISD adopts 2019 State Legislative agenda

The North East Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a 2019 state legislative agenda to encourage state lawmakers to improve school finance, accountability and local control.

The agenda will help guide discussions between staff and elected officials during the 86th Texas Legislature, which begins January 8, 2019 and ends 140 days later on May 27, 2019.

The North East ISD Board of Trustees supports legislation that provides adequate resources to Texas public schools and protects local authority to use those resources to meet the needs of all students, according to the agenda adopted on October 8.

Under School Finance, the board is asking the state lawmakers to:

  • Fund schools adequately by accurately reflecting the cost of education and regularly adjusting to changes in cost and student need;
  • Invest all current revenue dedicated to education without a reduction in state support;
  • Study the growth in recapture payments and recapture districts to determine if the system should be capped at a maximum percentage of districts, students and/or wealth;
  • Oppose programs that divert public tax dollars to privately run schools that are not held to the same academic and financial accountability standards as public schools.

For Accountability, the board is asking the state lawmakers to:

  • Adjust the state’s academic accountability system to ensure it accurately reflects the performance of districts and schools without the use of forced failures or an over-reliance on standardized tests;
  • Adopt Individual Graduation Committees (IGC) permanently as an appropriate safeguard against the over-reliance on high-stakes testing;
  • Fund SAT/ACT test administration as required alternative assessments under the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act plan.

In the arena of Local Control, the board is asking state lawmakers to:

  • Provide adequate notice and information about charter school expansion to increase transparency in the amendment process and prevent an oversaturation of charter schools in particular geographic areas;
  • Ensure flexibility for school boards to respond to local safety and security needs, such as facility enhancements and mental-health resources and identify additional and on-going state funding;
  • Permit local school boards to require criminal background checks for school board candidates to confirm candidate qualifications and support the disqualification of a candidate who has been convicted of a felony.

Access the North East ISD 2019 Legislative Agenda by clicking this sentence. Additional information will be added on this page as it becomes available.