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Super Star Students of the Month

Super Star Students

Congratulations to Camila and Nehman.  They are our Super Star Student of the Month sponsored by Taco Cabana. #theNEISDway #TacoCabana

Camila - 3rd Grade

Camila is goal oriented and kindhearted. Her academic performance is outstanding and is her top priority as a student. She helps her peers when she sees that they need it.

Camila is special.  The first week of school she expressed that one of her goals is to be president of the United States. She is driven to accomplish this and all her goals. She is positive and cheerful and will make your day wonderful with her personality. After you get to know her, you can see her as Madam President. In addition, she excels as an athlete. She is a competitive swimmer outside of school.

Camila is a great citizen in school and in the community. Her outstanding leadership qualities reflect as part of the student council and part of a Girl Scout troop. She always puts her energy to help others. She is kind-hearted and thinks about all people. She is always a bright Super Star.

Nehman - 2nd Grade

Nehman is always ready to learn. He is conscious of putting care into his daily writing work, and always goes beyond the minimum requirements.

Nehman is dependable, reliable, follows directions effectively, and follows through on his commitments to himself and others. His classmates know that they can count on him for his help.

Nehman is not only intelligent and hard working, he also has a heart bigger than most people.