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CBAC Meetings

Citizens' Bond Advisory Committee meetings begin at 5:00pm in the Boardroom of the NEISD Richard A. Middleton Education Center at 8961 Tesoro Drive, unless indicated otherwise. 

The original guidelines established by the Board called for quarterly meetings of the CBAC. Additional meetings may be held if needed, as requested by the Board of Trustees or jointly by the Superintendent and Committee Chair. Staff reports may be provided to the Committee between meetings when appropriate. Written Committee reports will be presented to the Board, Superintendent, and public at open Board meetings. Copies will be available to the public through the CBAC website. The CBAC held initial meetings in January and March 2004 to discuss their role and responsibilities and to receive information on the status of the 2003 Bond Program. As a result of these meetings and further discussion amongst CBAC members, the quarterly meeting format was revised to a monthly schedule. The CBAC guidelines were amended to reflect monthly meetings beginning with the May 6, 2004 meeting of the CBAC