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Bid and/or Proposal Evaluation Procedures

Bids and/or Proposals are Evaluated Utilizing the “Best Value” Method

Factors Typically Considered include:

  • Total Project Cost from the General Contractor
  • Experience and Reputation of the General Contractor
  • General Contractors Past Performance with the District or other Owners
  • Experience, Reputation and Overall Quality of the Subcontractor Team
  • The General Contractors Project Management Team and Construction Plan

Bids and/or Proposals are Evaluated by the District Staff, Architect and Engineer

Final Recommendation for Bid Award is Presented to the Superintendent of Schools
and the Board of Trustees

The District is a Tax Exempt Entity. A Tax Exemption Certificate can be Provided upon

The District DOES NOT Discriminate on the Basis of Race, Gender, Religion, Age or
National Origin and is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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