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Project Bid and/or Proposal Procedures

The Project Bid is Advertised by Public Notice in the Newspaper on 2 Successive Weekends

Project Bid Documents are Posted at Plan Rooms and Available at the Prime Consultants
Office (Architect or Engineer)

The District will utilize a combination of Competitive Bid, Competitive Sealed Proposal
(Primary Method) and Construction Manager at Risk Bid Delivery Methods

Bid Documents will specify the Date, Time and Place the Bids are to Be “Publicly Opened”

  • Bids are Submitted for Each Project by a General or Prime Contractor with Bonding
  • The Bid includes a Listing of Proposed Subcontractors by Division of Work
  • Subcontractors and/or Suppliers and Manufactures must Submit Bids to the General
  • Contractor ON or PRIOR to Bid Day for their Consideration
  • General Contractors will Assess the Subcontractors and Suppliers/Manufacturers by:
  • Cost, Experience, and Reputation as well as Compliance with the Contract Documents and
  • Exclusions when Evaluating them for Possible inclusion in their Bid to the District

The Bid Documents Typically Characterize a Brand Name or Model Number as a Method of
Establishing a Standard of Quality for a Particular Bid Item. Unless the Bid Item is Specified
as a “Sole Source”, other Manufacturers or Vendors that Satisfy the “Or Equal” Standard Can
Submit a Bid for Consideration by the General Contractor. Typically the District will Specify
more than One Manufacturer or Vendor per Bid Item to Generate Fair and Open Competition.

A Pre-Proposal Conference is Conducted as Part of All Bids. This Conference is Identified in
the Public Advertisement and Held 2 to 3 Weeks Prior to the Planned Bid Opening. The
Conference is a Forum to Discuss the Project Plans and Specifications and Address Questions.

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