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Heroes Stadium - New Score Board

Added a new score board that has a 15 ft. by 25 ft. video board system and advertising panels. The new video and score boards will be paid by advertising funds generated by the sale of the advertising panels. Additionally, the video board system will generate revenue back to the district once advertising goals are met.

Planning Estimate1: $0

Start Date: May 2010

End Date: June 2010

Architect: RVK Architects
RVK Architects - San Antonio

General Contractor: Daktronics Sports Marketing

Pictures: Aerial/Architectural

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1 The Bond Planning Estimate represents the original bond program costs developed during the bond planning meetings for each project and includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs, Technology Equipment and Installation, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Construction Management Costs. The School Board "approved" construction budget can be found in the project Bid Award Agenda Item and represents any/all changes to the project resulting from the design development process and/or construction marketplace and inflation costs.