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Bus Safety Tips

students on bus


1. Arrive early
Parents are encouraged to help students arrive at their designated bus stop five minutes before scheduled pick-up time. Make sure your child is standing on the sidewalk or back from the roadway at least six (6) feet while waiting for the bus.

2. Form a line
When the bus approaches, students should form a line and be prepared to load immediately in an orderly manner.

3. Do not stop bus
If your student is late to the bus stop, do not attempt to stop the bus. Never run after the bus as it pulls away from the bus stop.

4. Have documents ready
Students must get on/off the bus at their designated bus stop. To get on/off at a different bus stop, students must have a signed note from a parent/guardian and school administrator. The note must be given to the driver when boarding the bus.

5. Do not chase bus
Make sure your child immediately moves away after getting off of the bus. Chasing or hanging onto the bus at any time is prohibited.

6. Never walk behind a bus
Your child should never walk behind the bus. When walking in front of the bus, make sure your child stays ten (10) feet ahead and avoids bending down in front of the bus for any reason.