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About School Meals

    Quick Facts About NEISD's School Nutrition Department

  • Our Mission Statement:  School Nutrition Services recognizes the strong relationship between nutrition and learning. To support this relationship, School Nutrition Services seeks to provide nutritious meals that are made from quality products and are acceptable to students.
  • NEISD serves over 10,000 breakfasts, 41,000 lunches, and almost 3,000 after school snacks every day. This adds up to around 7 million lunches and 2 million breakfast meals per year!
  • Our breakfasts and lunches meet 1/4 and 1/3 RDA, respectively, for calories, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
  • We have 675 hard-working and skilled employees who prepare, bake, and cook the meals at each of our 65 campuses daily.
  • Employees receive ongoing training on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food safety procedures.
  • School Nutrition Services has four Registered Dietitians who plan and analyze menus, train staff, ensure meal program compliance, oversee the Child Nutrition Program and promote good nutrition among students, staff, and community members.

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CATCH (Coordinated Approach to School Health) - North East ISD's coordinated school health program 

School Nutrition Services Recognition

Ways to Get Involved

  • Are you a member of your school's PTA? Join the PTA Lunchroom Committee and attend meetings to learn updates to our meals, menu offerings, and department. Contact Rachel at School Nutrition Services at 356-9102 for more information.
  • Join the North East ISD SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee). Parents and community members are always needed as SHAC members to provide beneficial insight into the decisions that affect the health education of our students. Contact Irma with Health Services at 407-0304 for more information

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