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Middle School Coach of the Year

 Eddie Moreno

The 2021/2022 Middle School Coach of the Year builds relationships with every student and engages them to see their potential, wanting them to stand tall in a mirror and be proud of who they are, just like coaches did for this coach when they were young. This coach encourages the transfer of kids from PE into the Athletics program and is always willing to put kids under their wing. This coach gives young kids second chances and opportunities to learn from mistakes, always expecting accountability, reflection, and growth, not perfection.

As a servant leader, this coach remains vigilant to the needs of our youth; shoes, clothing, a breakfast bar, a pep talk, a high five, an “Atta boy”, etc. It is never about the cost; encouragement and support are unlimited free resources utilized daily. Stepping to the plate to advocate and wanting to make sure students are taken care of is this coach’s main goal. This coach wants students to know they are valued and loved. The same for the coaching staff. This coach is the light that keeps everyone seeking the positive and reinforces the long-running culture of family.

They are always present at volleyball games, girls basketball games, and practices because they know the importance of comradery and having a unified athletics program. A program that works in unison to develop kids and give them the best chance at achieving success in life. This coach has also been known to literally give a kid in need the shoes off their own feet.

Congratulations Coach Eddie Moreno, the 2021/2022 Middle School Coach of the year.


Middle School Coaches Making a Difference 20/21 

  • Nimitz Middle School – Jennifer Hall

Makes an impact in all phases of education and is always willing to assist with genuine love for student/athletes.

  • Garner Middle School – John Keith

Changed the culture in one year on campus for both boys’ athletics as well as girls’ athletics.

  • Tejeda Middle School – Dana Dutson

Has kept the culture alive on her campus and keeps relationships on campus thriving.

  • Tejeda Middle School – David Cope

Has the ability to organize middle school golf in the district as well as searching for ways to improve golf programs at all campuses.