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High School Coach of the Year

Darnell Barnes

The 2021/2022 High School Coach of the Year may be a stranger to those who have never met him/her but after the first hello they are a friend for life.  Wearing many hats on the same campus over the years from being a student-athlete to now a mentor and coach their smile and positive influence is undeniable.  He has been called one of the most enthusiastic and positive coaches on campus.  Student athletes who have had the privilege of being coached by this coach accredit their successes in life to his leadership and guidance.  Not only is this a coach who puts in full-time and commitment to the students on campus, but they are also heavily involved in community growth and development.  Along with other friends, this coach helped to develop a non-profit foundation operated by local community leaders, business leaders, and concerned citizens who share the goal of ensuring that students from his high school cluster strive for and achieve excellence in their academic, social, and professional careers. A fellow coach says this, “This is the type of coach that every program needs to be successful! They are the epitome of what it means to develop, motivate, and grow future, successful husbands. fathers, and leaders.”

Congratulations to Coach Darnell Barnes, the 2021/2022 High School Coach of the Year.


High School Coaches Making a Difference 20/21

  • Legacy of Educational Excellence – Genevieve Martin

Changed culture of volleyball

  • Madison High School – Tracey Hastings

Willingness to help improve her own sport along with her value in track

  • Johnson High School – Tim Moore

Time invested to keep our NEISD athletes taken care of , the epitome of customer service

  • Roosevelt High SchoolDarnell Barnes

Great coach who gives above and beyond to serve the Roosevelt community

  • Johnson High SchoolKenny Bice

Efforts to involve student athletes in community service

  • Legacy of Educational Excellence – Kylie Boswell

Great example of servant leader with time promoting all sports and athletes on campus

  • Roosevelt High SchoolChrissy Wollard

Commitment to making summer P.E. a success and willingness to step up during a time of transition for our students

  • Johnson High School – Jesse Snelson

Uncanny ability to create a total team environment in a sport filled with individual achievements.