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Stadium Policies

  1. Metal detectors are being utilized at all entrances for pass and ticket holders entering the NEISD central site athletic venues to include Comalander Stadium, Heroes Stadium, Littleton Gymnasium, Soccer Stadium, Baseball Stadiums, Softball Stadium and competition pools. 
  2. No spectator will be allowed to leave the stadium and re-enter again without purchasing another ticket. Adults can come to the pass gate in order to leave and return in the case of an emergency.
  3. The clear bag policy is in effect at all NEISD stadiums.  Click here for more information.
  4. Spectators may not bring food or drink into the stadium.
  5. Spectators will remain on the side of the stadium provided for their team. At the football stadium, no passing to the other side will be allowed before or during the game except for emergencies.
  6. Artificial noise makers are not allowed during pre-season play at either stadium in any sport. Artificial noise makers that have been approved for district competition in football only are cowbells, inflatable thunder sticks and clappers that are sold through school booster clubs.
  7. No spectator will be allowed to throw or disperse any material or substance to include but not limited to confetti, streamers, beads, balls, and/or powder substances.
  8. Animals including mascots are not allowed in the stadium.  Service dogs will be allowed.
  9. All victory flags, towels, pompoms, etc. in the stands must not be larger than 12” x 18”.
  10. All North East ISD property is tobacco free by authority of the school district board of trustees.
  11. All other rules of the North East ISD and District 28 6A will be followed.
  12. Volleyball parking for all buses will be in the designated areas on the east side of the gym.
  13. No one is allowed on the sideline without the approval of stadium management.