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What are the Policies and Procedures?


All ESL students must:

  • attend at least 60 hours of instruction before taking the progress test
  • contact instructor if unable to attend for any reason or if you must leave the program, e.g. moving away


Homework is a vital part of our ESL program. All students must complete ALL teacher-assigned homework. If a student misses a scheduled class and the homework assignment, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the teacher to get the assignment.

Student Beahvior

All students will:

  • always be respectful to instructors, staff, fellow students, equipment, books, and facilities
  • sign in when you arrive and sign out as you are leaving every class session
  • not fight or display any similar aggression (NEISD has zero tolerance and student will be banned from NEISD Adult Education)
  • not use electronic devices in classroom (i.e. cell phones, headphones, or such devices), without teacher’s permission.

Dress Code

 All students will dress appropriately in class. Students must not wear:

  • tight clothing/spandex pants
  • torn clothingrevealing or see through clothes       
  • baggy or low riding pants
  • clothes displaying vulgar language         
  • hats or hoodies in the classroom (exception: religious or medical reasons)
  • tank or halter tops or short shorts
  • clothing that reveal undergarments – ever

Students who do not comply will be asked to leave class until dressed appropriately.


  • By enrolling in a state and federally funded program I will comply with all program requirements, including taking the progress test after earning *50+ or 60+ semester hours.
  • I understand that I am not guaranteed a seat in class after earning *50+ or 60+ hours and taking the progress test. I understand that I will be placed on a waiting list for the follow-on semester. I may be allowed to participate in Distance Learning depending on DL teacher’s decision.
  • I understand that if I do not earn *50 or 60 hours in the semester and take the progress test that I will be allowed 4 weeks from last day of class to complete the hours and take the test. If I do not succeed then I will not be allowed to enroll in any classes offered by NEISD Adult Education for one school year. Remember, our program can lose state and federal money when students do not earn minimum required hours and/or take the progress test.

*50+ hours required if student takes BEST/BEST Plus 2.0; 60+ hours required if student takes TABE CLAS-E