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I've Missed a Session, Now What?

Makeup Policy

  • Any missed classroom time must be made-up during the next immediate classroom session offered by Driver Education. Our calendar will be posted online at under Important Forms
  • A student must complete the hours of instruction for the required classroom and in-car phases of the driver education course, including any makeup lessons, within the timeline specified in this enrollment contract.              
  • If the student participates in extracurricular activities (including athletics, band, choir, drama, orchestra, JROTC) we advise that you confirm with the activity supervisor that there are no schedule conflicts before registering. 

Day/Session Makeup Instructions

    1. Complete the Makeup Form.
    2. Please email 2 business days in advance.
    3. Bring it to class on the day you make up a session
    4. Sign-in in the appropriate sheet that will be available for you
    5. Have the instructor sign next to the appropriate Day on the Makeup Form
    6. Email the completed form to
  • Remember: It is your responsibility to forward the form to the Driver Education office in a timely manner. If we do not receive the makeup form, we cannot give you credit for the session attended.