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This Tuesday our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will take the Reading STAAR test. Thank you for ensuring our testing students have the best testing session possible by ensuring student appointments are not scheduled on STAAR dates. While we love our parent volunteers and lunch guests, we are going to be a closed campus on STAAR dates to ensure testing protocols are followed. Parents, if you have a student not testing who needs to be picked up for an appointment, you may still do so through the main office. We will not have food deliveries or other deliveries available that day due to testing, so please plan accordingly ahead of time.Additionally, cell phones and smart watches are not allowed in the testing environment. If cell phones and smart watches could stay home that day, that would be best. Cell phones and smart watches that are on campus will be collected prior to the testing session, secured, and given back just prior to dismissal on testing dates. Thank you all for your understanding as we ensure a secure testing environment for our students and staff.

STAAR Dates for Grades 3-5:

  • April 18: Reading (3-5)
  • April 25: Science (5th only)
  • May 3: Math (3-5 including HAM)