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September Students of the Month

Congratulations to Penelope Lozano and Atticus Gonzalez for being this month’s NEISD Super Star of the Month! These kindergarten students were nominated by their teachers, Miss Echols and Mrs. Newton.  


Miss Echols wrote, Atticus is an intelligent, generous and courageous student. He is the prime example of a leader in the classroom. Atticus is not only ready to learn, but gets the whole class pumped up to learn new skills daily. He demonstrates kindness and respect by greeting classmates, helping others, and brightens up the room with a humongous smile and positive attitude. 


Mrs. Newton wrote that Penelope comes to school each day with a positive attitude and a warm smile. She is an excellent leader in the classroom because she always “thinks win- win” and she is ready to help others. She is an example of integrity, always making strong choices wherever she is in the school. Way to go Penny!