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Registration for 2021-2022





Registration for the 2021-2022 Year-Round Magnet School Program at Castle Hills Elementary will begin Wednesday, January 27th through February 19th.  Please call the front office at 210/407-1800 ext. 0 if you need assistance. To be included in the lottery, you must apply during this window.


There is an enrollment cap for each grade level, so please be aware there may or may not be any vacancies at this time.  Each child will be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate grade level.  If no space is available, your child’s name will remain on the waiting list.  We will call you as space becomes available. If you decline enrollment, your child will be removed from the waiting list.  We do not keep the waiting list from year to year.


*To enroll your child, you must complete the online student registration packet at NEISD.NET/Student/Online Registration and upload the requested documentation.  Please call 210/407-1801 or email Kyla at to notify her you have completed the Registration and uploaded the required documentation.

You must provide the following documents at the time of registration:

  1. Birth Certificate (original from the state) or Passport
  2. Up to date Immunization Record
  3. Proof of Residence (CPS or water bill if you own your home OR a current signed lease with the child’s name)
  4. Original Child’s Social Security Card
  5. Photo ID of parent or guardian registering child




January 26th                VIRTUAL Kinder Roundup @ Castle Hills Elementary, 5:30pm to 6:15pm

Click here to Register for the Zoom Link:  Kinder Round-Up        

January 27th                VIRTUAL Lottery Information Night @ Castle Hills Elementary, 5:30pm to 6:15pm

Click here to Register for the Zoom Link:  Information Night

January 27- Feb. 19         Students from Six Feeder schools apply.   Names will be included in the Lottery Draw.

February 8 - 12             Current students will confirm next year’s enrollment.

February 15 - 19              Siblings of students currently enrolled at Castle Hills must apply for preferential seat.

February 24                   Lottery Drawing.  Parents will be notified by email with their child’s lottery number.


Because of the nature of our program, parents must support and abide by the year-round calendar by making sure their children attend school daily.  Students attending Castle Hills Elementary from the feeder schools may have their attendance privileges revoked or blocked by the principal for excessive absences or tardies, excessive discipline problems, major violations of the code of conduct, failing grades for the semester, lack of parental cooperation with the school’s policies and procedures, or termination by parent/guardian request.  We hope that your interest in enrollment is a sincere commitment to Year-Round Education at Castle Hills Elementary.  Please call our school office at 210/407-1800 ext. 0 if you have questions.





Betsy Asheim, Principal

Castle Hills Elementary