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Volunteering after retirement #theNEISDway

 Johnny smiles outside in the sunshineWhen Johnny Gonzales retired last year from a career in medical technology after 42 years, he found himself for the first time realizing that he had no place to go every morning. His daughter Sarah is a Clear Spring Elementary School teacher, and she suggested he volunteer. North East ISD is always looking for volunteers.

“He volunteers in the cafeteria for lunch duty, and the kids love him,” said Clear Spring Administrative Assistant Monica Renaud. 

You will find Gonzales in the Clear Spring cafeteria every Tuesday and Thursday. He’s got a great rapport with the students. He describes volunteering as a great way to make new friends, keep the brain active, and make meaningful memories. He also sees it as a fun way to give back to the community. 

“I can choose an activity that I enjoy, and I can truly see that I’m making a difference one lunch at a time,” said Gonzales.

Next time you are free at lunch, stop by the cafeteria at Clear Spring Elementary and thank Johnny for his dedication to our students. 

With dedicated volunteers like Johnny, NEISD helps our students learn and grow. 

If you are free for lunch, consider volunteering with NEISD.

Posted by NEISD Communications
Posted on 4-21-23