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Celebrating our 2023 Summa Cum Laude Students - ISA High School

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North East ISD is proud to celebrate the Summa Cum Laude students at The International School of the Americas High School. These ceremonies honor the incredible accomplishments of the dedicated students who are graduating from high school with grade point averages above 100. These young men and women mastered every academic test we placed before them and exceeded the highest standards, but they wouldn’t be here without the teachers who inspired them. 

Boris Muga is one of ISA's exceptional Summa candidates. Tonight, he will honor Ms. Dana Williams. 


Boris and his teacherBoris Muga honoring Ms. Dana Williams

I want to take this opportunity to thank the most influential teacher in my schooling career

so far. Ms. Williams is the first English teacher that made me enjoy what I had otherwise

thought was a boring and generic subject. Through her innovative ways of incorporating

the curriculum in our learning through plays and bug projects, she taught me how I could

incorporate learning into my daily life. As the English teacher I had for all 3 years of middle

school, I was introduced to the fi nest of literature and it deepened my understanding of the

English language.

Norah Ybarra is honoring her “Mama”, Mrs. Bertha Galan. 


Norah with teacherNorah Ybarra honoring Mrs. Bertha Galan

Mama Galan lives up to her title “Mama”. She was my Spanish teacher for 3 years, and

at a time I was struggling most, she took care of me just like my mother would. The

relationships she has with each of her students goes beyond that of any other teacher.

While Spanish was the subject she taught, her most impactful lessons were in life and how

to be a kind and compassionate human. She laughed with us in class, held me when I cried,

connected me to my roots and gave me tools that I’ll carry with me throughout life.


Congratulations to the Class of 2023! 

ISA's Summa celebration will be held at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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NEISD Communications
posted on: 03/29/2023