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Every dog has its day at AMP

students with their dogs

Every dog has its day at AMP.

And every student has an opportunity to find their passion there too.

Sophomore Ethan Reyes and seniors Kasani Anderson and Mia Burton-Sanborn love their decision to join North East ISD’s Agriscience Magnet Program (AMP) at Madison High School.

“This program has more to offer than just what meets the eye,” said Reyes.

All three students were slated to attend other NEISD high schools, but chose to attend AMP because of the opportunities.

“I never thought I would go to a school where there are cattle, goats and sheep here all the time,” said Anderson. “There are numerous tracks you can go down. I realized through Guide Dogs that it is more than just farming and raising livestock -- it’s about animal science and animal psychology.”

They are taking advantage of one of the unique extracurricular programs offered at AMP, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Students in the program get paired with puppies to foster. They then spend several weeks teaching good manners and basic obedience to their puppies. These puppies are their responsibility 24/7. The pups even go to class with the students.

“Knowing my guide dog is on the last phase of his training and knowing that he could graduate soon and help somebody makes me really happy,” said Burton-Sanborn.  “I can’t describe how proud I am of him and our work together. This program has had a huge impact on my life.”

AMP has helped these students realize their dreams.

Anderson plans to raise and train service animals in the future. She’s also very interested in learning more about animal psychology.

For Reyes, the program has really given him purpose.

“It’s really cool to serve the community. These aren’t dogs you just get to play with at the dog park, these are actively working dogs that will serve as eyes for someone. Every training, every meeting you go to with these dogs has a purpose to help someone who needs help. I am willing to give up my time to help someone with their life.”

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 08/26/2021