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Teacher Feature: Oak Grove's Michael Lehman

Teacher Feature Banner with Lehman and students


As second graders return from P.E., they enter their classroom silently.

They sit at their desks and eagerly await a story.

Their teacher, Michael Lehman, asks the kids if they remember where he left off.

Hands shoot up in the air—they absolutely remember.

The kids can’t wait for the story, his voices and how he makes reading so much fun.


“These kids mean everything to me.”


Lehman loves his job.

He’s been teaching at Oak Grove for the past 25 years.

He’s taught children who now have children in his class.

He’s taught students who have come back and become student-teachers with him.

He’s taught kids who have gone on to be incredible adults.


“There’s another gentleman that I had in fifth grade. He just reached out to me. He lives in Washington, DC. He’s in the military and assigned to the White House.”


He loves to tell stories about his students and their successes.

He also loves North East ISD.

He graduated from Roosevelt High School in the 90s, and when he decided to become a teacher, he returned to the District that taught him to love learning.


Lehman High school picture with program“I fell in love with Roosevelt. I didn’t want to graduate,” joked Lehman. “It was just like a whole new world. And I really felt like they cared. I mean, I just loved it. I love the school district. I loved the leadership. I love what we do in the classroom. I think we are innovators. I am proud to be with North East.”


Lehman’s path to teaching and back to NEISD wasn’t quick.

He got into fashion after college and became an executive for some major department stores.

But as he tells it, despite building a lucrative career, something was missing.


“I was happy in the business world, but I felt like something was missing. Being a teacher is fulfilling. I never dreamed I would be a teacher. But I love it.”


After teaching for 25 years, he’s learned a lot.  

And one of the big lessons he’s learned…he’s made sure to pass along to his students.

While he is their teacher, he’s not doing it alone.



“Every year, I tell my students, they get three teachers. Your number one teacher is your parents. You will learn more from them than you’ll ever learn from me. I’m only blessed to have you for one year. I am your number two teacher. You’ll learn a lot about reading and writing, mathematics, science and social studies. But your number three teacher is you. You’ll teach your peers and your friends.”

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 09/19/2022