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Senior Spotlight: ISA’s Davis Kelly

“Sports really teach you hard work.”

International School of the Americas (ISA) senior Davis Kelly is at the top of his game.

He’s graduating this year with Summa Cum Laude honors.

He’s also graduating as a state champion soccer player.

While each of those feats is incredible, Davis sees a simple parallel between his successes.

“Whenever you’re on the track, and you’re doing eight laps, and you’re on your seventh one, you feel like you’re about to puke and you’re about to cry, but you have to go through that. That’s kind of similar to an AP class where it’s like, ‘OK, do I really need to learn this? Is this really going to make me better?’ But that mental toughness and that confidence that I developed on the track and on the field translates into the classroom because I know that if I can get through seven or eight laps on the track and I can get through seven or eight assignments in the classroom.”

Davis also knows success takes teamwork.

Everyone has their role to play.

Student with teacherTeacher Mitzi Moore has played an integral role in Davis’ success.

“I feel like Mrs. Moore is just such an interesting person, even out in the classroom. She’s giving back to her community constantly. I really have the utmost respect for her and really enjoyed her class and felt that it was the most impactful for me as an NEISD student and as a lifelong learner.”

Next year, Davis will play soccer and no doubt excel academically at William Peace University in North Carolina.

Congratulations Davis and all the other 2022 NEISD graduates.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 04/26/2022