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Solving worldwide issues before the weekend

the secretariat and sponsor standing by MUNSA sign

Solving worldwide issues before the weekend.

That’s the goal of the nation’s largest student-run Model United Nations conference going on at North East ISD’s International School of the Americas (ISA) located at Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School.

“I want to urge you to practice what you learn here at MUNSA,” said Keynote Speaker and Trinity University Professor Dr. Habiba Noor. “There is a lot of power in speaking from the body, as opposed to speaking from the screen to hearing inputs as opposed to liking and sharing.”

That was Noor’s message to the hundreds of students gathered online and in-person for the two-day event. Over the course of the conference, students will dive deep into global problems like people being displaced by war, the effects of atomic radiation and the mass exportation of illegal drugs.

“This conference is so unique for its opportunity to allow you to debate in such an international way, you know, to foster these skills of communication that will really help you in the real world,” said ISA Senior Carmen Lizarraga this year’s Under-Secretary General of Media Management.

She attended a charter school until high school and felt the opportunities at ISA, like MUNSA, would really help her in the future. After graduation, she plans to go to college and major in public policy and public health.

Innovative project-based learning opportunities are just a small part of what makes ISA a special place to learn.  Students gain the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life in an increasingly global society.

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students in auditorium

Dr. Maika speaking to students

students hosting session on laptop

students listening to debate    

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 01/06/2022