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Why serving as principal is a dream come true for Patty Johnson

Photos of Patty as a principal and elementary student with text

Serving as principal at Thousand Oaks Elementary School is a dream come true for Patty Johnson. 

“I am so proud to be a principal in NEISD. It is a joy to teach, learn, and serve alongside the staff and students at Thousand Oaks. I love telling jokes on the announcements, eating lunch with students and celebrating their successes - especially the successes that come after struggle. They are the sweetest.”

Patty is a proud product of North East ISD. She attended Windcrest Elementary School, Ed White Middle School and graduated from Roosevelt High School. Education has always been a source of joy in her life. She remembers teaching her stuffed animals in her makeshift home classroom. She also remembers the NEISD teachers who inspired her. 

“The relationships with my teachers at Windcrest, Ed White and Roosevelt taught me the importance of connection. With their support, I grew as a person both socially and academically.

Four Windcrest teachers, in particular, made a lasting impact on my life: Ms. Wagner, Ms. Bloomquist, Ms. Barnett, and Mr. Newcomb. They taught me the importance of mathematics, laughing in class, and that working hard pays off.

There were also strong women demonstrating to me how to lead. From Mrs. Camp at Ed White to Coach Castenda at Roosevelt, these women supported my passion for singing and playing soccer. They taught me that extracurricular clubs and sports were as important as academics.”

A teacher’s impact cannot be understated. Patty experienced this firsthand and dedicated her life to inspiring the next generation of learners. As a principal, she takes that life ambition to the next level and the reach of her impact grows right alongside her goals. 

October is National Principals Month. NEISD could not accomplish our mission of challenging and encouraging each student to achieve great things without the dedicated men and women who lead our schools. Join us in saying thank you #theNEISDway!

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-25-22