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Woodstone hosts Nursery Rhyme Olympics

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. This is a fun way to make learning stick!

Woodstone Elementary School students jumped, hopped and ran their way through an Olympics-styled obstacle course inspired by classic nursery rhymes. This cross-curricular event in the gym marked the culmination of kindergarten’s unit on nursery rhymes. Librarian Sara Romine created a physical activity for everything – from “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” to “Ring Around the Rosie,” “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “One Two Buckle My Shoe.”

“This is the first year we have spent so much time on the nursery rhymes and we even did a musical performance to go with it,” said Romine. “So I thought the Nursery Rhyme Olympics would be a great way to wrap up all the learning. It also worked out that the Winter Olympics were this year, so the students had an idea of what the Olympics were.”

It’s not uncommon for North East ISD librarians to collaborate on projects that span grade levels and classrooms. Efforts like this bring lessons to life and represent their goal of creating immersive experiences for readers of all ages.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-25-22