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Thank you, Veronica Diaz!

Veronica Diaz photos with Thank You text

North East ISD custodians play an essential role on every campus and facility. Their hard work, dedication and energy keep our schools clean. The relationships they build with our students and staff is truly priceless.

At a time when staff shortages require more of employees who do show up, NEISD is grateful for our reliable custodial staff working tirelessly throughout our District.

Veronica Diaz has been the Head Custodian at Camelot Elementary School for the past eight years. She takes a lot of pride in her work and it shows in the way the school sparkles and shines. 

“We’re picky in a good way. We like things to look nice. I have high expectations for myself, and I want the campus to look good.”

Veronica works hard and so does her custodial team. She says she feels support from the top down. Her Camelot family is quick to say ‘thank you’ and the kids always come first. In fact, the students and staff at Camelot couldn’t wait to celebrate her when she graduated from college with her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences a few months ago. 

“I was real determined to finish,” said Veronica. “I did it! The community is great and everyone is awesome here at Camelot. The kids are so great too. It’s a good feeling when they say hello and are excited to see you.”

Veronica is an NEISD parent herself and she originally started off working in School Nutrition Services before joining the custodial team. 

Sunday, October 2, is National Custodian Appreciation Day and NEISD wants all of our custodial teams to know we truly appreciate their hard work.

On top of pay raises this school year, our District recently approved a $100 a month travel incentive for custodians who accept assignments at our hardest to staff campuses north of 1604. All other custodians will receive $50 a month incentive.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-3-22