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Clinic Screenings


  • Vision & Hearing Screening: All students in 7th grade will be screened during the fall semester. Any students who fail hearing or vision screening will receive written notification for a referral to a physician via mail to their listed home address.


  • Acanthosis Nigricans Screening: All students in 7th grade will be screened for a dark skin discoloration on the back of the neck which is a marker for Type II Diabetes. This screening is done during Vision and Hearing Screening. Written notification to follow-up with your physician will be sent home if the marker is present.

    Spinal Screening: Female students in 7th grade and male students in 8th grade will be screened for abnormal spinal curves, as required by House Bill 832. The purpose of spinal screening is to detect abnormalities such as scoliosis or kyphosis early, during the growth spurt of adolescence, so that treatment can begin if necessary. School nurses who have been specially trained as screeners will look at your child's back while standing and bending. Screening will be done in the clinic allowing for student privacy. To properly screen for spinal abnormalities, all students must remove their shirt during the exam. Girls screening will take place in the fall and boys during the spring. Girls may wear a halter/sport/tube top underneath their regular shirt on exam day. Parents will be notified only if a professional follow-up is indicated. If your child is currently under a physician's care for a spinal abnormality, please submit a parent note prior to the screening date. A physician note to verify that your child is receiving treatment is requested thereafter or as soon as possible.