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Change Primary Guardian in Primary Family

Each student in Skyward has a Primary Family. Some students have a Secondary Family too. The Primary Family Primary Guardian is the individual who is the main contact for the family and has the authority to make decisions that impact the children in their family. Through Skyward Family Access the Primary Family Guardians can change the Primary Guardian for the family. Please note this is not available for Secondary Families. See the steps below to get started.


  1. Login in to Skyward Family Access
  2. Look for the “Update Primary Guardian” icon.
    icon in skyward
    You might have noticed this icon is listed for each child. You only need to fill this out once—it will apply to all children listed.
  3. Go through the form step by step.
    You will see the current primary guardian then you can switch the primary to the secondary guardian by entering their name in the box below. Leave the box blank to make no change. Click Submit and you are done. Your school will verify your entry and make the change.

    step 3 example