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Johnson students learn to stay safe behind the wheel

Johnson High School freshman, Kadence Howell, stumbled as a San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officer explained how a sobriety test would be conducted if she were under the influence. She was attempting to walk a straight line while wearing a pair of impairment goggles. Lifting one foot off the ground was in itself a challenge.

“Honestly, this is insane,” said Kadence. “I can’t see how anyone can drive under the influence. It’s so scary how alcohol can impair your vision and balance. “

Students at Johnson got to experience the perils of distracted driving firsthand during the PTSA Smart Driving Club’s Annual Safe Driving Event Friday, Oct. 4.  The SAPD, San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD), Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD), along with several other groups and organizations set up in the school courtyard to help teach the importance of not texting or drinking while driving.

“We want to give the students this experience, said SAPD Officer Edward Moctezuma. “These kids want to know and want to be informed. They have been very responsive and cooperative with the entire experience.”

Students were reminded of the importance of not texting or drinking while driving, as several booths provided information and activities were students could participate. They were also given the opportunity to engage interactively with a driving simulator, peddle carts, and walking a straight line, all while wearing special goggles that mimicked the effects of alcohol.

“It is so important that we keep informing and re-informing our students of the dangers of distracted driving,” said Melinda Cox, parent sponsor for the Johnson PTSA Smart Driving Club. “At this age, these kids are already driving cars, using their cell phones and they are exposed to alcohol. We want to reinforce this message to try to prevent them from making a dangerous decision.”

 Melinda Cox, parent sponsor for the Johnson PTSA smart driving club, founded the group in 2012. This is the sixth year the club has hosted a Safe Driving Event.

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Posted by: Melissa Flores Gratkowski