STEM Academy High School Math Program


    Our mathematics program has a problem-solving emphasis through accelerated courses. Through the advanced math track, students have the opportunity to earn college credit in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, as well as Statistics. 

    Students who enjoy and excel in mathematics are encouraged to become members of Mu Alpha Theta. Through this organization students can receive special recognitions, including scholarships, for their participation in mathematics competitions.

Mathematics Program

STEM Academy High School Mathematics Courses

  • AP Calculus AB (H2734L):This course includes differential and integral calculus with applications of previous math courses. The intent is preparation for college and/or one or more semesters of advanced placement calculus. Topics include: limits of a function, continuity, maxima and minima, area, volume, rates of growth and other applications. Students will prepare to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Calculus AB.

    AP Calculus BC (H2735L):This course covers the topics seen in Calculus AB and provides advanced skills in methods and applications. The course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to calculus. Topics include parametric, polar and vector functions, application of derivatives, applications of integrals, fundamental theorem of calculus, techniques of antidifferentiation, applications of antidifferentiation, and polynomial approximations and series. Students will prepare to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Calculus BC.  

    AP Statistics (H2947L): This non-calculus based course introduces the student to the management, interpretation and analysis of data within today’s society. Topics include exploratory data analysis, observing patterns and departure from patterns; planning a study and deciding what data to measure and how to measure it; producing models using probability and simulation; and applying techniques for statistical inference and confirming models. Projects, collaborative group problem-solving, and writing are part of the concept-oriented instruction and assessment. Application fields include psychology, engineering, sociology, business, medicine, economics, biostatistics and more. Students will prepare to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Statistics.

    Engineering Mathematics (H8251L):  is a course where students solve and model design problems. Students use a variety of mathematical methods and models to represent and analyze problems that represent a range of real-world engineering applications such as robotics, data acquisition, spatial applications, electrical measurement, manufacturing processes, materials engineering, mechanical drives, pneumatics, process control systems, quality control, and computer programming.