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Olmos ElementaryGrades K - 5

The moment you walk through the door at Olmos Elementary School, you'll feel a warm welcome that makes you feel like you are home. Staff and students immediately embrace you. You know you belong. We are dedicated to our students and their parents. Our approach helps our students feel successful and provides parents with the tools they need to succeed.

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  • Week of: May 29th - May 30th, 2023

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  • #537 Olmos is an "A" Campus
  • 11 Students have access to multiple activities and extracurriculars.
  • K-5 We have family engagement activities.
  • 100% Olmos teachers care deeply about our students. We work to help students create meaningful relationships both in school and within the community.

Get in Touch

Welcome to Olmos Elementary. Your child’s success is our sole goal. Each staff member on this campus is a dedicated professional in their field committed to work with parents, teachers, and the community. Each of us will provide you with the information and help that you require. You will find contact information for our teachers by accessing the staff directory. North East ISD campus administrators such as assistant principals and counselors each have an area of expertise and responsibility. Access the campus staff page for the list of personnel, their responsibilities and contact information. If you are not sure how to proceed simply call 210-407-6000 and tell us how we can assist you and we will connect you with the right person. We’re here to help.

Campus Address

1103 Allena Dr
San Antonio, TX 78213

Who to Call

  • Data Processor: 210-407-6001

    What they can help you with: Registration/ Attendance, Withdrawals

  • Counselor: 210-407-6022

    What they can help you with: Mental Health Resources/ Assessment Information

  • Family Specialist: 210-407-6029

    What they can help you with: Community Resources, Parent & Adult Classes, & Volunteer Information

  • Receptionist: 210-407-6000

    What they can help you with: General Campus Questions

  • LSSP: 210-407-6037

    What they can help you with: SPED Testing Questions

  • Speech: 210-407-6036

    What they can help you with: Speech Services

  • Nurse: 210-407-6026

    What they can help you with: Health Concerns/ Immunizations / Medications

  • Bilingual Specialist: 210-407-6006

    What they can help you with: Programs for English Learners / Bilingual & Dual Language

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    What they can help you with:

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    What they can help you with:

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    What they can help you with:

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    What they can help you with:

  • Contact 13: 210-407-

    What they can help you with:

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