New Laptop Resources

1. Learn About The Laptop

  • This promotional video from HP highlights the various features that are available on the new HP Probook x360 440 G1 laptop. (Please note the new laptop will not be configured to use the biometric login option and will utilize the standard charging solution.) The HP Active Pen will be made available to employees who participate in a future training session on digital inking and advanced educational tools available on the laptop. Stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement about this course.

2. Using The Laptop

  • Connecting your new laptop with existing classroom technology is even easier with this instructional video.

3. Printers & Scanners

  • Need to connect a network printer?  Just follow the instructions in the link below:

    Need to reconnect your AWARE Scanner?  Just follow the information below:

    1. Download the scanning application called “Brother Driver version G2" (updated driver for Brother DCP-L5650DN)” from the Software Center
    2. Download the scanning application called “Eduphoria! Aware Plain Paper Scanner Software v.3.0.10” from the Software Center
    3. Update your user profile in Eduphoria Aware (Help Document)
    4. Set up (and copy) App Password in Eduphoria Aware (Help Document)
    5. Initial set up of scanning software and subsequent scanning of answer documents (Help Document)

4. Additional Software & Getting Help

  • Software Center

    Your computer is preloaded with the Microsoft Office Suite as well as Adobe Reader.  If you find that you need additional software in order to run different peripherals avaialble to you in your classroom (SmartBoard, Document Camerar, etc.) or for instructional purposes, you need to visit the Software Center.  You can access the Software Center by clicking on the Start menu on your computer and either searching for it in the menu on the left or clicking the Software Center tile.  Once loaded, you can browse for additional software in the Applications folder, or run any updates to existing software listed on the left-hand menu.

    You are only able to install software listed within the Software Center.

    Instructional Technology Services

    We have a group of 20 individuals known as Instructional Technology Specialists who support all the campuses in the District when it comes to technology integration & lesson planning.  These individuals specialize in helping you integrate the technology into instruction so that it becomes a seamless part of your daily routine.  Visit the Instructional Technology Services site to see which ITS is assigned to your campus and learn about the great things that they do to support teachers and students every day!

    Technical Support

    Having a technical issue with your laptop or peripheral equipment in your classroom or office?  Contact the NEISD Help Desk and submit a ticket.  Our team of Help Desk Technicians will either solve the problem or relay the ticket to one of our Technology Support Technicians who work around the District.