New Teacher & Administrator Laptop Resources

  • This information will help you prepare for the future distribution of new laptops for teachers and designated administrative staff. Deployments will be scheduled starting in November 2019 and will continue into the spring 2020 semester until completed. This page contains four sections for your review:

    1. Learn About The Laptop
    2. Enable Known Folder Move (Backup)
    3. Get The Laptop
    4. Using The Laptop
    5. Printers & Scanners
    6. Help & What Not To Do
    7. Learn about Known Folder Move

1. Learn About The Laptop

  • This promotional video from HP highlights the various features that are available on the new HP Probook x360 440 G1 laptop. (Please note the new laptop will not be configured to use the biometric login option and will utilize the standard charging solution.) The HP Active Pen will be made available to employees who participate in a future training session on digital inking and advanced educational tools available on the laptop. Stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement about this course.







4. Using The Laptop

  • Connecting your new laptop with existing classroom technology is even easier with this instructional video.

2. Enable Known Folder Move

  • This video explains how to enable a feature called KNOWN FOLDER MOVE (KFM) on your current laptop. This will automatically backup files/folder on your Desktop, in your Documents folder, and in your Pictures folder up to your OneDrive account, and will ensure that the files/folder located in these three locations are always backed-up in the cloud...making the transition to your new laptop very easy.  Please enable this immediately so that your files are backed-up before the laptop distribution day at the campus.

  • If for some reason you are not able to complete the Known Folder Move by following the video tutorial above, you can go ahead and backup your important files to either OneDrive or Google Drive by watching the videos at the links below:

    OneDrive Backup Tutorial
    Google Drive Backup Tutorial


5. Printers & Scanners

  • Need to connect a network printer?  Just follow the instructions in the link below:

    Need to reconnect your AWARE Scanner?  Just follow the information below:

    1. Download the scanning application called “Brother Drivers (for use with PlainPaperScanner software)” from the Software Center (Help Document)
    2. Download the scanning application called “SchoolObjects:PlainPaperScanner” from the Software Center (Help Document)
    3. Update your user profile in Eduphoria Aware (Help Document)
    4. Set up (and copy) App Password in Eduphoria Aware (Help Document)
    5. Initial set up of scanning software and subsequent scanning of answer documents (Help Document)

3. Get The Laptop

  • The Technology Support Team and your campus ITS will work with your campus administration to determine the best time to deploy your new laptop.  On that day, there are some things that you need to know to help make this process as smooth as possible.

    What You Need To Bring:

    1. NEISD Badge
    2. Current laptop and A/C Adapter
      • You will not be assigned a new laptop unless you surrender your current laptop to us. (This does not apply to new employees who never received a laptop due to shortage)
      • We DO NOT want your laptop bag (you can reuse it for your new laptop)
    3. Kensington Locks 
      • We plan to repurpose the locks that were previously used to secure the docking station in your classroom/office.  We do not need the key for the lock.
      • You are welcome to keep the Kensington lock that was assigned with your laptop if you still plan to use it.  If not, please bring us the lock (no keys required).

    What You Will Receive From Us 

    1. New Laptop & AC Adapter
    2. Cable Management Solution & USB-C Extension Cable
    3. Emailed Custody Receipt
    4. Brief Orientation
      • After receiving your laptop we will spend a few minutes helping you get oriented with it



6. Need Some Help?

  • Having problems getting everything connected?  Just use the link below to submit a help request using the Google Form.

    Technology Assistance Needed

     What Not To Do!

7. Learn more about Known Folder Move

  • Automatic Data Backup with Known Folder Move (KFM)

    During your laptop orientation, we will guide you through the process of enabling Known Folder Move on your new laptop so that the files you backed up from your old computer will start to sync.  The syncing process will bring down all previously backed up files from your desktop, Documents, and pictures folder and will keep them synced within OneDrive and your new computer moving forward.  All data in these locations will be configured into active two-way sync meaning that files/folders saved to these locations on your computer, or directly into those same folders located in your OneDrive, will automatically create a copy in the other location. File synchronization also occurs when deleting a file/folder from one of these locations. If you delete it from one location, it will automatically delete from the corresponding location on your computer or OneDrive. The goal is to ensure that the data on your laptop is always in sync with your OneDrive. If your laptop is lost, stolen, or irreparable, then your data can be easily transferred to another computer.

    • No additional configuration is needed on your part.  All you need to do is make sure that you are logged into OneDrive and manage how you save your files.

    • An icon appears next to each file or folder to indicate the sync status
      Sync Status
    • More information on how this process works can be found on the resource page provided by Microsoft.