Mrs. Garza's Art Studio

Phone: 512-710-9213


Degrees and Certifications:

BFA in Visual Arts - UT Austin - 2014 Associates in Architecture - Anthem College - 2001 AP Studio Art Certified since 2016 AP Art History Certified since 2020

Mrs. Cecilia Garza

Born in Monterrey, Mexico and raised in San Antonio, TX. Mrs. Garza is a LEE/ISA Alumn.

Artist Statement :

My works vary in types, starting from architecture drafts and designs to drawing, painting, technology based media, photography, small and big sculptures. The works I have created speak of my personality within society and life overall. I have a significant preference with sculptural and structural design, I find it extremely intriguing to use technology along with physical equipment to express my artistic voice.

Philosophy on Art Education:

      As an art educator I want to make a difference in students lives and become a leader that is clear enough to follow. Emphasis on creativity and unique development will be my focus to embrace and expose the fascinating beautiful mind in everyone. Encouraging individuality and the study of all the multicultural aspects of our surroundings is the wisest approach to a growing society. It is imperative for the teacher to remain open minded as every student meets and exceeds different qualities. Bringing technology into my classroom is important as it will help the new generation grow in the digital age, and help with their innovative learning. Teaching students to take initiative to go over and beyond the expected is a way to think critically,which can be achieved by studying in a strategical manner that makes students think for themselves making their inner being shine and be exposed in their work. When we go beyond our boundaries we make discoveries which reveal a bigger or deeper interest. As students develop, I want to instill the idea that organized chaos is perfectly fine and beautiful when looked at as a whole. It has been a blessing brought upon me to further extend my knowledge and training to make a difference in the schools. Incorporating philosophical perspectives established by great leaders that I have encountered in the past, I plan to have a positive impact in today's art education. ¦ 512-710-9213 ¦

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