Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. History and Music Angelo State University Certification in Medieval, Renaissance Studies, and Classics Texas Tech University TExES Certification in Latin Education EC-12 Memberships: American Classical League Archaeological Institute of America Zamora Protohistorica

Nick Wallace


I am very excited to join the LEE team this year, as the newest member of the World Languges Program, and I will be teaching Latin, levels I-IV and AP. I have had many wonderful, hands-on experiences in the history and classics fields that I will use to enrich the education and love of learning for my students. I have helped excavate several ancient Roman sites in the UK and Spain, and I have worked in manuscirpt and digital archives prior to my career in education.

I am also born and raised from West Texas, orignally from San Angelo, where I recieved my first degree, and then moved to Lubbock for my continued studies in pre-modern history and ancient languages.

Overall, I believe that every student can benefit from learning Latin--it can help in every academic field! Not only is it one of the mother tongues of English, with over 50% of our vocabulary coming from Latin, but also it encourages the building of analytical skills and making connections with literature, art, history, and Western Culture.

Latin has been the foundation of Western Education for more than 2000 years--every student in my class will be part of the defining tradition of successful citizens in our society--more than half of all presidents in the U.S. were fluent in Latin!

I also encourage students to become comfortable speaking the langugage to help reinforce it as a real language--it is not a dead langauge in my class.

Please see my 2020-2021 schedule below for both LEE and Madison, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Āvē et Grātiās!

  • 1st Period MWF - LEE/Latin I


     2nd Period MWF - LEE/Latin II


     3rd Period MWF - LEE/Latin I


     4th Period MWF - LEE/Latin II/III + AP


     5th Period TTh - Madison/Conference


     6th Period TTh - Madison/Latin II


     7th Period TTh - Madison/Latin I/II + AP


     Tutorials - MWF 9:945, use the Forum Romanum Zoom Link in Google Classroom


    AP Readings, 3:30 MTWThF

    Latin III Fabulae, 4:30 TTh