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  • Optional End-of-Year Assessments

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    What assessments are offered for End-of-Year (EOY)?

    Students may take the following online assessments corresponding with your child’s grade level or course for which they are currently enrolled. There is no limit on the number of tests to take (each test may be taken once). Students in grades 3-8 are encouraged to take the math and/or reading assessments.

    Grade 3: Math and Reading
    Grade 4: Math and Reading, and Writing
    Grade 5: Math, Reading, and Science
    Grade 6: Math and Reading
    Grade 7: Math, Reading, and Writing
    Grade 8: Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies
    High School: Algebra I; Biology; English I; English II; and/or U.S. History, provided your child completed instruction for any of these courses in the spring 2020.


    Are NEISD students required to take the EOY assessments?

    EOY tests are not mandatory. The Optional EOY online assessments will assist with supporting student learning and will provide an understanding of student progress, as students have been educated from home.


    What equipment is required to take the online assessment?

    Students will use a laptop or personal computer (PC) to take the online test. Google Chrome is preferred. EOY exams cannot be accessed from mobile devices (iPhone/smartphones).


    How do I to access the EOY Assessments?

    Students will select the Optional End-of-Year (EOY) assessment button on the NEISD Distance Learning webpage. Students will login with their current NEISD student school login (AD/email)

    Students must access to the NEISD EOY webpage to access the EOY tests. Students will retrieve individual, (unique to student) EOY testing credentials. Please make sure to write down login information, the login information will be needed to access each test taken. (Username, Password and Passcodes)


    What is the web address to take the Optional EOY tests?

    Students will go to the Schoolnet test link:


    Can I take the same EOY test multiple times?

    No. Each EOY test may be taken once. Students may take the other EOY tests associated with their grade.


    Who do I contact with problems logging in to the EOY tests?

    Please contact the NEISD Help Desk at 210-356-HELP (4357) or email The Help Desk Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    Where can I find more information about EOY tests?

    Texas Education Agency (TEA) has provide a Parent Toolkit for End-of-Year assessments. 


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  • What state assessments have been cancelled for this school year?

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    • STAAR grades 3-8 
    • All End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments
    • STAAR Alternate 2 tests
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  • If a student is a senior but still must complete one or more EOCs to graduate, will he/she be able to graduate?

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    Currently, seniors may graduate through the Individual Graduation Committee (IGC) regardless of the number of EOC assessments they still need to pass.

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  • If a student is not graduating this year and still has one or more EOCs required to graduate, how will that affect the student’s credit in the upcoming year?

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    This year only, if the student is not graduating and is currently enrolled in an EOC course, the EOC passing requirement will be waived if the student receives credit for that course. 

    If the student is not graduating and has an outstanding EOC assessment that they have not passed from a previous year, they will still need to retake and pass that EOC assessment prior to graduation.

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  • Will the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) and TELPAS Alternate administration window be extended?

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    TEA is looking at exit criteria for English learners to determine what adjustments may be made this year for this determination.

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