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  • Driscoll LogoClara Driscoll was born on April 2, 1881 in St. Mary’s, Texas, on Copano Bay. Both of her grandfathers had fought in the Texas Revolution. Her father was a wealthy rancher and banker, and Clara was educated in Texas, New York City, and France. She was a historic preservationist, philanthropist, writer, and active in Texas politics. In the early 1900's, she began a campaign to raise seventy-five thousand dollars to save the Alamo from becoming a hotel, and because of this she was given the name the "Savior of the Alamo." Since only twenty-five thousand was raised, Clara donated fifty thousand dollars of her own money to the cause. The deed was made out to Clara Driscoll, but she bought the Alamo for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

    NEISD opened Clara Driscoll Middle School in 1992. In 2012, in celebration of our 20th anniversary, several display cases were created in the school's main hallway, with historical artifacts to commemorate our namesake.

    Mission Statement: The mission of Clara Driscoll Middle School is to provide real world and innovative experiences in order for our students to become positive and productive citizens.

    Vision Statement: Our students will become self-motivated, respectful, and confident through the collaboration of our faculty, staff, and community.

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