Phone: 210-356-5000


Degrees and Certifications:

General Education, EC-6 Special Education, EC-12

Bridgett House

Hello! I am the SLE teacher at Lopez Middle School. I am certified in Special Education, as well as General Ed., EC-6. I grew up in the San Antonio area, and my two daughters attend highschool in NEISD. I have traveled to all 50 states (51 if you include DC) and have lived in California, South Carolina, and Washington. I can tell you, after living out of state for 10 years, HEB is the best grocery store! 

When I'm not at school, I like to run/walk (emphasis on the walking part), play tennis, cook, and seeing how many hours I can go in between snacks. I'm holding steady at around 45 minutes lately. I feel very lucky to be at Lopez and want to give my students the best education and learning environment as I can. I'm a mom first, and I understand the anxiety parents face when their child struggles or has to be in an unfamiliar setting. Everyone wants the best for their kid and I will help ensure your child is prepared for the next stage in life.  

Bailey and Connelly
  • 8:00-8:30       Arrival/Breakfast

    8:30-8:45       Wash hands/Personal care/Review day

    8:45-9:10       Read Aloud

    9:10-9:42       Reading Block rotations

    9:42-9:57       iPad time

    10:00-10:30   Restroom break/leisure activity

    10:30-11:02   Math Block rotations

    11:02-11:17   iPad time

    11:20-11:50   Lunch

    11:50-12:20   Mid-day Restroom break

    12:25-12:57   Functional Block rotations

    12:57-1:12     iPad time

    1:12-1:30       P.M. Restroom break/leisure activity

    1:30-2:02       Science/Social Studies Block rotations

    2:05-2:50       Adapted P.E.

    3:00-3:30       Snack/Dismissal