• MacArthur High School exists to serve our students, parents and the community as a whole. Our students help create a culture of support through organizations such as PALS and MacTeach as well as the Unity Club. There is a diverse array of opportunities for students to engage outside the classroom through sports, clubs, and the overall community that is Mac.

    If you are new to Mac you don't want to miss our Mactober Fest where after school there are games and fun activities followed by the Brahma March, our own parade in the neighborhood. No matter what interest you have, there is a place for you at Mac. In the spirit of the MacArthur community, student success is driven by the statement "WE ARE MAC"

    W = Work drives success

    E =  Effort matters

    A = Ask questions

    R = Respond to feedback positively

    E = Evaluate work based on success criteria

    M = Make no excuses

    A = Accept responsibility

    C = Challenge yourself