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    How to use Skyward to check grades, assignments, and attendance. 



Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule: 

    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

    1. Planning & Conference Period
    2. Spanish 1
    3. Spanish 2
    4. Spanish 2

      Tuesdays & Thursdays
    5. Spanish 2
    6. Spanish 1
    7. Spanish 2

    Room Number: 223
          2nd floor of ISA building

Tutoring Schedule

  • Scheduled Tutoring Times: 

     Morning Tutoring: 9:00 – 9:35am

    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Thursday

    Afternoon Tutoring: 4:00-4:30 PM

    • Monday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday

About Teacher

Phone: (210) 686-2301


Degrees and Certifications:

* Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish * Master of Education degree in Secondary Education, emphasis in Bilingual education.

Ms. Jodi Meyer & Camila Acosta

  • Ms Acosta

Staying Connected


    Class Website is at    



    **I keep a very detailed website to help make everything easy to access any time. Our class website has  agendas & notes, as well as assignments for each day. **


    For reminders and updates, please join our class remind account. Class Website

  • Biografía de Sra. Meyer

    Hola. My name is Jodi Meyer This is my 16th year teaching, and I am thrilled to be a part of the LEE High School family.

    Before LEE, I taught at TMI Episcopal for 2 years and Lady Bird Johnson High School for 9 years. Before that I taught at Reagan High School, and my teaching career began at Hutto High School.

    I am married to my best friend, Austin Meyer. He teaches Mathematics at East Central High School. We grew up in Austin, not far from each other, but found each other later in life.

    My son, Connor, is 15 years old, and enjoys playing video games, chess, riding his bike, reading, and volunteering with me at Animal Defense league. He is starting 10th grade in a local San Antonio magnet program.

    We also have 3 cats: Lily, Leia, & Toby. We also have a dog, Cali. 


    Biografía de Srta. Acosta

    Hello my name is Camila Acosta and I am a student Trinity University's Master of Arts in Teaching program.

    I recently graduated from Trinity University with a Bacholors of Arts in International Studies, Spanish, and Global Latinx Studies. I am a San Antonio native and as someone who grew up in the NEISD district I am super happy to be back in thier classrooms to learn. 

    I will be working with Mrs. Meyer in her Spanish I and II class and am over the moon to have such an awesome mentor and department team who have already made me feel very welcomed! 

  • Virtual learning assignments will be posted to Google Classroom.

    Invitations were sent out Friday, 8/15.

    • Accept the invitations in your google classroom

    • OR check your NEISD student email- you were sent an invitation.  



    For announcements, agendas, and helpful information, please check our class website at


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Class Rules

  • rules
    Attendance Procedures
    Virtual Instruction:
    • Attend Zoom classes during scheduled times.
    • If you cannot attend, all classwork is due by 11:59 PM that same day
    • USE THE NEISD LAUNCH PAD to log in to Google classroom
      • This ensures the student earns credit for attendance
    In-person instruction:
    • Be on campus in time to be seated and ready for their first class
    • Follow their daily schedules and attend classes, activities, and other school obligations
    • Stay on campus during school hours.
    • Practice responsible social-distancing as directed
    • Most graded work happens during class time. If a student has not finished the assignment during class, it becomes homework, due at the start of the next class, before the bell rings.
    • Homework is rare, and intentionally assigned, when it is.
    • Because I value the many responsibilities, commitments, and recuperation that happen outside of school, I avoid giving more than 15 minutes of homework.
    • If a homework assignment takes more than 15 to 20 minutes, then the student should email me with those details, and make arrangements for me to help clear up the confusion the next day, before or after school.

    -20% Turned in 1+ day(s) late*

    *Class time will not be used for late or makeup work.

    If you need your late/makeup work entered sooner, Please see me during tutoring times, which are listed on our class website under the section “Tutoring:”

    NEISD Late work policy
    • Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and class period with the exception of make-up work for absences or approved school activities.
    • A 20 percent deduction from the total grade earned will be taken for late assignments.
    • Late assignments will be accepted until the material has been assessed summatively or within a three-week grading period.
    • Extenuating circumstances may occur that prevent the completion and turning in of assignments on the due date. It is the parent/guardian and/or student’s responsibility to inform the teacher and/or an appropriate administrator of any such circumstances so that an exception to the rule may or may not be granted. The teacher and/or appropriate administrator shall have the authority to render a final decision on the granting of any exceptions.

    Class time will not be spent handling makeup or late work.

    Please check google classroom for recorded classes that you have missed and to turn in your work..

    ABSENCES- When you are absent, check google classroom as soon as possible. It will tell you exactly what you missed and include links to any assignments you will need in order to complete the makeup work.

    · NOTE: If you miss a test or quiz, this must be made up during tutoring time, NOT during class time.



    • Speaking tests or ongoing assessments- IF we are still testing when you return, you will make up your test with whichever partner is available in class that day. If testing in class has completed, you will need to come in during tutoring times to make up.
    • Any work that was assigned prior to your absence is still due as announced in class (no "extra days").
    • If work (such as projects) was assigned before your absence and due while you were out, you are expected to turn it in the day you return.
    • If there are special circumstances, email me or talk to me ASAP. I will do my best to work with you!
    • Makeup work needs to be taken care of during tutorials, where assignments can be graded, discussed and entered.

    You are welcome to use www.wordreference.com to look up words or phrases. Any time a person or computer translates sentences or phrases for you, that is when you are in violation of the honesty pledge.