• 2021-2022 Impact Report


  • Reading Promotions - The Driscoll Library held various reading promotions throughout the school year to promote literacy and explore diverse books. The reading promotions highlighted Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Poetry Month, and Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
  • Monthly Choice Boards - The librarian provided monthly choice boards for teachers and students. The monthly choice boards for teachers consisted of a collection of resources for monthly spotlights such as Hispanic Heritage Month and Holocaust Awareness Week. Student choice boards were themed around the same monthly celebrations but focused on fun activities and exploration of topics.
  • Book Displays - The Driscoll Library created various book displays and gallery walks throughout the school year. The displays and gallery walks were focused on exposing students to diverse texts and celebrating monthly spotlights. Students were encouraged to explore the displays and gallery walks.
  • Two Book Fairs - The Driscoll hosted two book fairs this school year. Scholastic Book Fairs help promote literacy and expose students to diverse texts. The spring book fair coincided with Driscoll Curriculum Night and allowed the Driscoll community to participate.
  • Student Book Club and Faculty Book Club - The Driscoll library sponsored a weekly student book club this year. Book club members helped choose book club selections and participated in weekly discussions about the books. The Driscoll Library also hosted a monthly faculty book club. The faculty book club helped build community and allowed the librarian to familiarize herself with the Driscoll faculty/staff.
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  • ELAR Acceleration Black History Month and Women’s History Month - The librarian collaborated with the ELAR Acceleration teacher to compile a list of resources for students during their units for Black History Month and Poetry Month. The resources were used for individual research projects.
  • Social Studies 8th grade STAAR Review - The librarian contributed to the STAAR review activities by creating an Inferencing Escape Room. The students reviewed inference using nonfiction passages as they cracked the code to escape the room.
  • Library Orientation - The Driscoll Librarian facilitated library orientation for all grade levels through ELAR classes. Because this was the librarian’s first year at Driscoll, she focused on getting to know the student population. The students participated in a scavenger hunt using the GooseChase app.
  • ALE Class Visits - The librarian invited the ALE class to the library every two weeks for a read-aloud and related craft activity. The students were exposed to various themes in picture books and had the opportunity to participate in a craft activity.
  • GT Enrichment - The Driscoll Librarian met with 6th grade GT students during WIN time for enrichment. The librarian created various activities for students including coding, robotics, K’Nex construction, logic puzzles, and other makerspace activities.

Librarian at lectern teaching students

Lesson Spotlight

The librarian hosted a DBQ (Document-Based Question) launch for each of the three social studies grade levels. The students were introduced to the DBQ process by explaining historical thinking, historical analysis, and the criteria of a successful DBQ. Through scaffolding and document analysis, the students were able to answer the DBQ question and support their answers with supporting evidence. The three-day process allowed the students to develop a deep understanding of the DBQ process and succeed in developing historical thinking.



  • March Madness Reading Tournament - The Driscoll Librarian collaborated with the Eisenhower Librarian, April Gastinger, to create a voting bracket using the most popular books checked out from the library. The students were able to vote weekly during March to select the book they wanted to move forward in the tournament. The tournament generated excitement amongst the students and encouraged them to explore books they had not yet read.
  • 8th grade ELAR STAAR Review - The Driscoll Librarian collaborated with 8th grade ELAR teachers on their STAAR review activities. The librarian hosted the STAAR review in the library and played a role in the review activities.
  • 8th grade Social Studies STAAR Review - The Driscoll Librarian organized the STAAR review for all 8th grade social studies classes. The library hosted all social studies classes for three days. Students worked through four review stations each day. The activities included sorting, cause/effect, online review games, and identifying.
  • 7th grade DBQ Launch - The Driscoll Librarian collaborated with 7th grade Texas History teachers on their DBQ launch. The collaborative group met to discuss TEKS to be assessed, learning goals, and developed a DBQ question.
  • 8th Grade Team - The librarian collaborated with the 8th grade team leader on a presentation that focused on culturally responsive teaching. The librarian presented resources and strategies during an 8th grade team meeting. The goal was to increase awareness of the changing demographics at Driscoll MS.

Collaboration Spotlight


librarian meeting with parents

Campus Leader

  • Microsoft White Board Training - The Driscoll Librarian held a faculty/staff training on the use of Microsoft Whiteboard. The teachers requested this training as a way to implement the use of MS Whiteboard and move away from document cameras.
  • DBQ Presentation to MS Deans - The librarian was invited to present to NEISD Middle School Deans on the DBQ process and how librarians can contribute to social studies document analysis and research skills.
  • Monthly newsletters were distributed using Smore. Each newsletter contained highlights of library programming, upcoming events, and resources. The monthly newsletters served as an advocacy tool to promote the library program.
  • CIC Committee, Department Head, Social Committee - The Librarian served on three committees this school year. As a CIC member, the librarian was able to set goals for the library that would contribute to the overall campus improvement plan. As a department head, the librarian was included in discussions about curriculum, scheduling, and other academic activities. As a member of the social committee, the librarian helped organize activities to boost campus climate.
  • Attended TCEA Convention - The Librarian attended various professional development sessions that highlighted technology skills to implement in library programming.
librarian presenting to academic deans
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