• 2021-2022 Impact Report


  • The Lopez Library hosts 2 student clubs: Lone Star Book Club and Manga Club. The clubs meet on Thursday mornings on alternating weeks. The Lone Star club reads the books from the Texas Lone Star Award List and the students discuss and book talk the book they are currently reading. It has helped to generate interest in different genres.
  • Every February, the library runs a “Blind Date with a Book” giveaway. Books are collected throughout the year from parent and student donations and previous year’s book club copies. Students wrap books in brown paper and decorate them with hints. On the week before Valentine’s Day, the books are displayed on a spinning bookshelf and placed at the entrance of the library. It is one of our most popular traditions!
  • This year, the 7th grade ELAR students read Red Scarf Girl. We hosted the author, Ji-Li Jiang, for three Zoom Q & A sessions. One teacher later said, “This was a core memory for my students. The book came alive for them while asking questions and hearing Mrs. Jiang’s personal experience.”
  • The Library Student Advisory Council sponsored monthly makerspace crafts, library promotions, helped with book fair, Blind Date with a Book, and worked with PTA to purchase items for the library that the students requested.
  • The library displayed monthly book themes and slideshows in our hallway display including Hispanic Heritage, Holocuast Remembrance, Black History Month, and many more.
Zoom author visit with Ji-Li Jiang
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

librarian presenting in front of students at tables


  • The debate teacher and librarian prepared the beginning debate students for the yearlong work by exploring where to search for their topics using library resources. The librarian created a Google Site to house the resources needed for this class including background articles on their topics, search terms, and video tutorials.
  • The principles of education teacher and the librarian collaborated on a research lesson where the education students needed to access educational policies, history of education, and other topics. The librarian created a Google Site to house the curated background article links and video tutorials for searching the Opposing Viewpoints and Britannica resources found in the Library Resources Folder. The students used these resources throughout the year as topics came up in their units.
  • The 7th grade ELAR team and librarian collaborated on a research lesson where the students learned about WWII topics as part of a nonfiction unit. The librarian created a Google Site to house the curated resources, search topics and terms, video tutorials, and bibliography examples that the students would need for their essay. The classes came to the library and the librarian reviewed how to access credible sites by using library resources, and how to search the databases for their topics.
  • The 7th grade Spanish teacher and librarian teamed up on a menu project. We decided to use Canva as the creation tool to better engage the students. The rubric was adapted to the new digital format and the teacher covered the vocabulary with the students ahead of time. In the library, the librarian introduced Canva, the requirements, and topics per page, and demonstrated how to edit templates. All students were engaged and reported that they preferred the digital menu over a paper one.
  • The principles of education teacher and librarian teamed up to teach the students about Google Sites. The students are required to make a digital portfolio that they will use throughout high school. The librarian created the template based on the required pages and projects. The students came to the library for a demonstration on how to edit and add content. The students were able to complete the bio page while in the library and to get assistance on how to start their site.

students trying to open a locked escape room box

Lesson Spotlight

The theater teacher and librarian prepared the Advanced Theater Class for their competition speeches by researching pros and cons of their topics using SIRS Issues Researcher. The librarian created a Google Site to house the resources needed for this project, including search terms, video tutorials, and links to shared Google Drive folders for the students to place their articles. Students spent 5 days in the library locating articles that were in favor or in opposition of their selected topics, collected the articles in the shared class folder, and were able to highlight and take notes in preparation for writing their speeches. In reflection, this year’s research was more streamlined than last year and using the Google Site made the project run much smoother. The students had an easier time finding what they needed and got to work right away.



  • This Spring, the Harris MS librarian put together a writer’s workshop featuring Naomi Shihab Nye. Lopez participated by selecting 40 students to attend the Zoom sessions. During the session, students wrote poetry based on Mrs. Nye’s writing advice and prompts. Several students, including two Lopez students, read aloud their poems. The students’ writings showed depth and great writing ability.
  • The 8th grade ELAR teachers wanted to try a new idea….an Outsiders Escape Room! The librarian used BreakOut Edu kits to set up physical lock boxes and clues for the students to solve. The librarian at Tex-Hill was a huge help with the materials and knowledge of running escape rooms. It was very involved to make all the clues and clue cards and set all the locks, but it was worth it to see the winning team’s faces when they unlocked the final lock!
  • The ALE teacher and librarian pulled together resources for a space unit. The librarian selected books, curated a list of apps, and provided a district-curated slideshow of space resources. The students came to the library after reviewing ebooks and info on PebbleGo. The teacher and librarian helped the students explore planets and other space objects using an app and VR goggles. The students liked it so much that they came back the next day to finish exploring all the objects.
  • The theater teacher, the Instructional Technology Specialist, and librarian all worked together to make the project happen. The theater I class was in its broadcasting unit and needed to use the DoInk app to green screen their backgrounds and edit their videos. Once the students’ work was in the shared folder, it was a team effort to download each group’s pictures and videos onto the iPads. Everything was ready when the class arrived and the students got right to work editing their work.
  • Through collaboration with the campus ITS, the library hosted monthly Lunch and Learn style training sessions for teachers that included EduProtocols, Library Resources, and other digital resources such as Canva and Google Sites. These sessions led to more collaborations with teachers and were very successful.

Collaboration Spotlight

The librarian joined 7th grade ELAR’s PLC time on Mondays and learned about the students’ strengths and weaknesses. Through this collaboration, the librarian was able to provide resources in a timely manner. The time spent with PLCs helped create collaborations including an author visit, research projects, and the use of Google sites for various projects. It also allowed her to curate a Google Site full of resources for the students to use during their research process on various WWII topics. The students came to the library to research their topics and used the Google Site (including search terms and video tutorials) as a reference. The students all studied Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang. Mrs. Jiang joined the classes for 3 Zoom sessions and the students took turns asking questions. One teacher later said, “This was a core memory for my students. The book came alive for them while asking questions and hearing Mrs. Jiang’s personal experience.”


teacher and librarian with table of students, working on an iPad

Campus Leader

  • Provided Monthly “Lunch and Learn” Teacher Trainings focused on EduProtocols, Library Resources, and other digital resources such as Canva and Google Sites.
  • Presented at New Librarian Meeting - January 2022. The librarian was invited by Library Services to present on collaboration techniques to librarians new to NEISD.
  • The librarian served as the Veterans Day Co-Chair along with Ms. Preiss, the Hospitality teacher. The librarian and Ms. Preiss locate a guest speaker, coordinate all groups involved (band, choir, theater, social studies, etc.) to provide an MC, music, and program. They also decorate the campus and gym as well as run the slideshow.
  • The librarian serves on many committees around campus including the Leadership Team, Campus Improvement Committee, and Campus-Wide Character Strong Team. As one of 4 members of the Character Strong Team, the librarian is responsible for selecting the student character dares throughout the year and either making videos or locating students to make videos with her. Dares and videos are hosted in a Google Classroom for campus access.
  • The librarian attended the Learning & Libraries Virtual Conference hosted by Region 20 in the Fall of 2021. This full-day event is full of ideas on how to improve your library program including different clubs, MakerSpace ideas, hosting authors and other guest speakers, resources on purchasing books, and many more. The librarian also attended 34 hours of district library PD throughout the school year.
Librarian and student reading a character dare in video
instructional specialist and librarian posing before training session