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Mr. Ricardo A. Lopez

Welcome to El Dorado Family Engagement, Parent Education. My name is Ricardo Lopez. I have been a Family Specialist since 1997 and this will be my 24th year in Education. This will be my 7th year at El Dorado Elementary, a dual language campus.

Being a Family Specialist has always been a challenging and rewarding experience. Every school year is so different, there is so much to learn. Education continues to evolve, this year with virtual distance learning for both students and parents. Working daily with families, parents and students gives you a great perspective on life and our relationships with school and community. We all need to work together as a team to support each other and foster education. Both parents and students should continue their education to improve their lives. Our community and business partners also play a big part to contribute and assist our school and families.

Working many years in different schools has been amazing. I have met so many wonderful people both, staff, parents, and made so many lifelong friends. It is truly a blessing.

Working, as a Family Specialist has also been a great and wonderful challenge. I work with the nicest, brightest and most generous group of people. We create positive changes in your families and schools.

In my opinion, Education is the most vital and valuable resource for all children and families. It provides intelligent, practical knowledge to improve lives, families, and careers.

One of my favorite educational quotes is, “Smart is not what you are; it’s what you become.


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