• Beth Barnhart, BSN, RN




    Patricia Sierra, Clinic Assistant


    Welcome to Wetmore Elementary!

    At school we stress safety for everyone. Please know that we have a medication policy in place that helps us keep all children safe. An adult must bring all medications to the school clinic. The clinic staff needs to count and initial a form for the medication, and the adult bringing the medicine will initial the form as well. Children are never allowed to handle their medicines on school property including the bus.

    For long term medications, we require a physician’s order each school year. Your doctor can complete a form provided by the school district or write orders on their letterhead. Parents need to sign the order, too.

    If your child needs medication such as an antibiotic for a short amount of time, we only require a parent’s note giving us permission to administer the medicine, the time the medicine needs to be given, and signature. Short term over the counter medicines can be administered for a 10 day period. Please leave only a 10 day supply of medicine in the clinic. If the medicine is needed past 10 days, we will need a physician’s order.

    Please be sure any medicines you bring are in the original container and that the container is properly labeled with your child’s name.  Only an adult can pick up leftover medicines from the clinic.

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