Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Anna Gann


Anna Gann has 16 years of choir directing experiece.  She has been a head director for 14 of those years at Big Spring HS, East Central HS and 4th director at Allen HS.  She was also district fine arts coodinator for Big Spring ISD which is also her home town and alma mater.  Anna also is currently the music director for St. Matthews United Methodist church across from Mac.  Mrs. Gann has had a wonderful career with several All-State students, many years of sweepstakes, and she is really good at growing a choral program.  Mrs. Gann's motto is "anyone can learn to sing" so she makes it her mission to help people sing better and feel more confident in their singing.  

Anna has a wonderful husband, Ben and two children Chandler age 6 and Ellanor age 4.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    1st Period (10:00 - 11:00) Men's Choir - Assist Only

    2nd Period (11:10-11:45) Cantate (JV Women's Choir) - Assist only

    B Lunch (11:50-12:20) 

    2nd period (12:25-1:10) Cantate (JV Women's Choir)- Assist only

    3rd Period (1:15-2:15) Concert Chorale (Varsity Mixed Choir)

    4th Period (2:25-3:25) Treble Choir (Beginning Women's Choir) 


    Tuesday, Thursday

    5th Period (10:00-11:30) Aperture (JV A cappella)

    A Lunch (11:35-12:15)

    6th Period (12:20-1:50) PFC (Varsity A cappella)

    7th Period (1:55-3:25) Conference


    Office Hours

    8:00-9:50 AM before school

    3:30-4:30 PM after school

    Email me to schedule a time for extra rehearsal or discussion.