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Degrees and Certifications:


Mr. Tellez

Hello everyone,

My name is Mr.Tellez or you can call me Mr.T. I am a graduate from UTSA with a Bachelor's degree in Art. I also received my teaching certificate from UTSA and am certified to teach EC-12 Art. During my secondary school career I attended school in the SAISD district. I love to help students explore their creative side through the world of art. I specialize in painting and drawing but have experience in all other medias as well. I feel the classroom is somewhere students should feel welcomed and able to express themselves. I also beleive that higher education is possible for all, being a first gen graduate myself. So when entering my class be prepared to not only create a love for art, but for education as a whole.

  • monday:

    1st (Art1)= 8:20am-9:14am

    2nd (conference)= 9:18am-10:10am

    3rd (Art 1 HS)= 10:14am-11:06am

    lunch= 11:06am-11:36am

    4th (Art 1)= 11:40am-12:32pm

    5th (Art 1)= 12:36pm-1:28pm

    6th (Art 2)= 1:32pm-2:24pm

    7th (Art1)= 2:28pm-3:20pm


    1st (art 1)= 8:20am-9:11am

    2nd (Conference)= 9:15am-10:06am

    WIN= 10:10am-10:45am

    3rd (Art 1 HS)= 10:49am-11:40am

    lunch= 11:40am-12:10pm

    4th (Art1)= 12:14pm-1:05pm

    5th (Art 1)= 1:09pm-2:00pm

    6th (Art 2)= 2:04pm-2:55pm

    7th (Art 1)= 2:59pm-3:50pm


    1st (Art 1)= 8:20am-9:20am

    2nd (Conference)= 9:24am-10:20am

    3rd (Art 1 HS)= 10:24am-11:20am

    lunch= 11:20am-11:50am

    4th (Art 1)= 11:54am-12:50pm

    5th (Art 1)= 12:54pm-1:50pm

    6th (Art 2)= 1:54pm-2:50pm

    7th (Art 1)= 2:54pm-3:50pm