Welcome to the Tuscany Heights Clinic

  • stethoscope Our Goal is to support the Tuscany Heights Community in supporting life-long positive health habits, to promote maximal academic achievement, learning potential, and to become a responsible member of society to continue through their growing years!

    We will strive to teach and obtain each one of these goals, Leading, Inspiring, Honoring, and Excelling throughout the school year. We will encourage each partnering student to help identify the need of their peer for support from the clinic, helping to explain why their classmate needs nursing support. Students will be encouraged to be medical leaders to help their peers be escorted to the clinic for health needs.

    We will focus on each individual's needs and notify you if necessary (fever, excessive vomiting, frequent diarrhea, other urgent symptoms, recurrent illnesses, symptomatic head injuries, and any other concerns). Please, if you feel you child is ill, or you are worried about them that day, please let us know.


    November 2019 Newsletter


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